Personal Insurers Offering Discounts and Refunds During COVID-19

Unless you’re classified as a key worker, or you work in an essential business, then you’re likely spending a lot less time behind the wheel right now. Because people are driving less, there are lots of insurers who are offering discounts and refunds to customers in the form of a credit. With almost all of … Read more

Will mortgage rates go down again in 2020?

Due to the outbreak of the coronavirus, financial markets across the globe have been shaken. While nobody truly knows the full force of the impact yet, one surprisingly promising piece of news is that mortgage rates seem to be on the move.  Following the reduction in interest rates being announced by the Federal Reserve earlier … Read more

What does a 0% rate of interest mean for your mortgage?

News of the Federal Reserve’s decision to cut its target interest rate to a near-zero rate has torn through the media. This bold and decisive action has been taken in a bid to support the economy in light of the developing coronavirus pandemic.  For many, the actions that have been taken, were done so quickly, … Read more