Google and Yelp Turn Off Reviews Feature During Pandemic

In what can only be described as ‘sensible and just’, the people at Google, and subsequently Yelp have disabled the publish a review feature in light of the current situation with COVID-19. In an announcement made by Google towards the end of March, they switched off the publication of new reviews, replies to review, and … Read more

Reducing Car Insurance Costs During COVID-19

Our personal financial security is paramount and with roughly 22 million people in the U.S. filing for unemployment between mid-March and April; understandably, people have real concerns about how they are going to afford to pay their bills. If you haven’t seen it already, we’ve published an up to date list of personal auto insurance … Read more

BriteBee Launches Digital Stimulus Package for Insurance Sector

Up-and-Coming InsurTech Company Gives 3-month Stimulus Package to Every Insurance Agent and Agency in America – Completely Free of Charge.  COVID-19 is putting pressure on industries far and wide. Businesses of all sizes, along with their employees, their suppliers, and their customers are feeling the impact. At this point in time, the short and long-term … Read more

Personal Insurers Offering Discounts and Refunds During COVID-19

Unless you’re classified as a key worker, or you work in an essential business, then you’re likely spending a lot less time behind the wheel right now. Because people are driving less, there are lots of insurers who are offering discounts and refunds to customers in the form of a credit. With almost all of … Read more

How Does the Federal Reserve Affect Mortgage Rates in the U.S.?

Alongside economic growth, inflation, and a few other things, the Federal Reserve is just one of the many factors that can influence mortgage rates in the U.S. However, one thing that should be clarified from the start of this post, is that the Federal Reserve do not control mortgage rates.  Who Makes or Sets the … Read more

Are Mortgage Rates Going to Stay Low During the Coronavirus Outbreak?

Understandably, so many people in America right now have real concerns over managing their finances. With the growing presence of COVID-19, comes growing anxiety. In this post, we look at what the markets and industry-professionals are saying about the future of mortgage rates and answer the questions that are at the forefront of people’s minds … Read more

With Lower Mortgage Rates on Offer, is Now the Right Time to Refinance?

When you refinance your mortgage, you pay off your existing loan and replace it with a completely new agreement. Refinancing usually comes at a cost, which, in most cases, is between 2-5% of the loan principal, not to mention the appraisal, application fees, and the title search. Because of this, it’s important to know whether … Read more

Will mortgage rates go down again in 2020?

Due to the outbreak of the coronavirus, financial markets across the globe have been shaken. While nobody truly knows the full force of the impact yet, one surprisingly promising piece of news is that mortgage rates seem to be on the move.  Following the reduction in interest rates being announced by the Federal Reserve earlier … Read more

What does a 0% rate of interest mean for your mortgage?

News of the Federal Reserve’s decision to cut its target interest rate to a near-zero rate has torn through the media. This bold and decisive action has been taken in a bid to support the economy in light of the developing coronavirus pandemic.  For many, the actions that have been taken, were done so quickly, … Read more

The Innovative Carrier Podcast | Episode 2

The Innovative Carrier Podcast is a new venture of BriteBee, an insurtech company aimed at helping insurance agents and carriers increase their online presence via digital marketing efforts that help them “bee found” online by their brand, the companies they represent and the insurance products they offer. Headed by Keagan Henson, CEO and co-founder of … Read more